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Kedonganan Fish Market

Choosing Fresh Fish

Kedonganan beach nearby Jimbaran bay is a fishing village with traditional boat port and fish market. During the day, the area is busy with people unloading their catch from the boats, and people going into the market.

Learn how to choose fresh fish, lobster, clams, etc and while watching fishermen spending their days, you may enjoy traditional rice cakes and young coconut. Click Here to See Image Gallery.

Badung Traditional Market

Kumbasari Traditional Market

The place is the main traditional market in Badung regency and live almost 24x7, except in Nyepi day. From 9 pm until early morning fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, etc from highland Bedugul and other places arrive and are distributed around the market. This is where the locals do their daily shop.

Various traditional dishes from nasi campur, kue basah, ayam betutu, babi guling, sate lilit, lawar are available and served here. In the next building at Kumbasari, you can find souvenirs market as well. Click Here to See Image Gallery

Bedugul Organic Farms

Organic Farm

Despite of the excessive use of artificial fertilisers, today many people are making an effort to return to organic methods of food production. The area is extends to several hectares, and you can find organics plants grown e.g. lettuce, baby carrot, mints, etc.

You are welcome to taste these plants directly from the farm!

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Medewi Cacao Plantation

Organic Farm

This south west area of Bali is not only a beautiful beach for picnic and surfing, but around the area you can spot cacao plantation. For those who love chocolate, this is a perfect place to see how the fruit is grown, processed and finally served as hot chocolate or chocolate bar!

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